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Existen muchas opciones libres entre las plataformas multiusuario, una de ellas es la versión multiusuario de wordpress, gratuito y de código abierto. Es una de la opciones preferidas por los usuarios, aunque existen otras muchas opciones como por ejemplo: (Javabased): § b2evolution (PHP/MySQL): blosxom(Perl): § byteflow(Python/Django): § Dotclear (PHP/MySQL): Drupal (PHP/MySQL): FrogCMS(PHP/MySQL): Elgg (Apache, MySQL, and PHP): (PHP/MySQL,SQLite,PostgreSQL):  Livejournal (Perl) (Also available, developer hosted): §    LifeType (PHP/MySQL): § MovableType(alsoofferedindeveloperhostedformasTypePad):  Nooto(RubyonRails):  NucleusCMS(PHP/MySQL): § PHPSlash:  Picoplog(PHP)(photoblog): § Pixelpost(PHP/MySQL)(photoblog):  PyBlosxom(Python): § Serendipity(PHP/MySQL,PostgreSQL,SQLite): SimplePHPBlog (PHP) (No database system required Flatfile):     Slash (Perl/MySQL): § Subtext(C#/ASP.NET):  Textpattern(PHP/MySQL):  Typo (Ruby on Rails):  WordPress(PHP/MySQL)alsoofferedindeveloperhostedformas https://

Page 14Proprietary software

These packages are under a proprietary software license. They may require the purchase of a license key to use them. The specific licensing terms vary but some are free of charge for personal or noncommercial use.

§ Community Server (also offered in developerhosted form as

§ ExpressionEngine: § RadioUserLand: § Traction TeamPage: § WindowsLiveWriter(freeofcharge): § XCAP Communitiy Platform:

Unknown license

§ Battle Blog: § Blogsphere:


Software services operated by the developer, requiring no software installation for the weblog author:

§ Blogger: § Blogging Systems: § BlueKaffee: § Israblog: § LiveJournal: § MySpace: § OpenDiary: § Skyrock: § TypePad: § Typo: § WindowsLiveSpaces: § § Xanga: § Vox:

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